Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Here is the Latest featured Project List from GAF. Featured projects are those in which you can give you contact information.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

8kMiles - The new freelancer website launched is the recently launched freelancer websites. Three NRI Indian have created this portal as a bridge between service buyers and service providers.

Like other freelance websites they provide free membership to project buyers and providers. Apart from linking the buyers and providers these Indian owned company gone one step furthers. They provide virtual software and hardware environment. If you need a Windows based Pentium machine with Microsoft .net and SQL server loaded, they have one for you. If you need a Linux platform for your project they have the machine. You can work online on these platforms and software.

Like and they provide safety for buyer as well as provider. Interest of both parties are saved by offering escrow payment option as a deposit of security.

Buyer's interest is further guarded by verifying service providers identity. For this they ask for Identity proof like Voters ID, Driving license, PAN card. Freelancer has to scan these documents and upload them while registering on this site.

Ok. This is a startup company and we have no experience on it. Let us register now and see. I have not yet registered on the site. I have no time on even GAF and as i am working hard to improve my adsense income with blogs.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My First Attempt in Freelancing

I started with paid surveys and paid to click advertisement and emails. The only paid survey which paid real money is ciao surveys. There are some other survey websites where i have not reached the payment threshold. They have set a minimum of 50-100 dollars to get a payout.

The screen shot is taken from ciao surveys payments page. They pay in Indian Rupees. They pay via Indiatimes vouchers / Gift certificates. You can redeem these certificates on Indiatimes websites where they sell thousands of Goods online. I have provided the registration link below.

Register Here

There are some other websites worth trying. You can find them in the link below.

Paid Survey Websites

They give incentives / rewards by cash, sweepstakes, Gift Certificates, product demo samples etc.

I have joined some paid to click programs. These programs are waste of time and energy. I discourage you to join these programs.

Want to be a Freelancer?

What is Freelancing? Freelancing is working for somebody with out regular commitment. A Freelancer does not have a regular office job and he works as he wish. He don't have to regularly go to office as others. He manages his time and work. He can take rest as he wish at his will. He has no bosses to answer to. He has no subordinates to command. The advantages of being a freelancer is many. There are disadvantages also. He doesn't have regular income. If he get no work there is no income.

Due to the advent of computers and internet virtual jobs are increasing. People can work online and get paid online. There are jobs in programming, web designing, Graphics and logo designing, Multimedia, customizations.

Personally, I have about 1 year of experience in freelancing. My first project was on where i was paid 45 dollars for my first project.

In this blog i will guide you to become a successful freelancer. I will help you through my experience. - New Projects